Who else's contact lenses freak them out?
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Oct 18, 2001
In my insomnia ridden night (it is 3:13 am for me), I was just thinking how weird it is that I have spend most of my life looking through a veil. Granted, this veil makes things clearer, but it is still a veil -- I have not consistantly used my own eyes since 6th grade, and that is somewhat of a disturbing thought. Without my glasses/contacts, I cannot see clearly for more than about a foot, inside that, I am fine. To what extent has vision correction altered my sense of reality? Who is to say that what my vision has been "corrected" to is correct at all? Perhaps evolutionarily I was supposed to see relatively poorly? I am a pretty intelligent guy, but if I had been born a million years ago, would I have made it? This sort of **** makes me toss and turn (though it is better than thinking about female-related drama). It has gotten to the point where I take out my contacts every night and I feel like Darth Vader in his death scene: "I just want to look at you once with my own eyes..." and so forth. Does this sort of thing ever bother anyone else, or have I made you all think that I am even more nutty than you originally assumed?
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Contact lenses never have bothered me, however, I do recall as a kid watching my Grandfather take out his glass eye. If that wasn't bad enough he would then leave it on the side table staring at you. I never did get use to it.
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Yes, I suppose it's rather better that my computer died when I tried to post that. You see, the machines do know what's good for us. ...

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I'm not scared of my contact lenses.


Who is to say that what my vision has been "corrected" to is correct at all?


If it really bothers you then just get that laser surgery.
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laser surgery is still somewhat dangerous. You can go completely blind if the surgery goes wrong. I for one plan to NEVER get laser surgery.

My vision is worse than yours stuartr. I have been wearing glasses since the 4th grade (i have contacts too now). Without corrective lenses, i cannot even read unless the type is within 4 inches of my eyes (just measured right now
). Of course, there is great fatigue and eye strain reading something 4 inches from your face, so i always read with glasses. Everything i do is with corrective lenses. Thats mainly why i dont swim since i loose my friends in the water.

my perscription is so high, that when i look at straight lines through the edge of my glasses, like a door frame, it appears curved. I also get small orange and blue halos around objects that i look at. I asked my optomitrist about it, he doesnt know what to think. However, i do not get these things when i wear contacts, so the optiomitrist was not too concerned.
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I always just swim with my contacts in. Never seems to cause any problems.
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I HATE contact lenses, let me explain!

When I was younger (bout age 4) I was in an accident that involved a shed door and a large football (get the picture?
) result? one detatched retina in the right eye (this would be in the 1970's btw)

Now some bright spark thought that putting in a contact lens in my right eye would stop it from going "sleepy" so I had to wear the damn thing from 4 years old right up to age 16 when, yep they FINALLY decided it wasn't doing anything for me. The funny thing was one of the care assistants at the boarding school I went to put the lens in my eye (or so she thought) I went of for a day, came back and she had it sitting in the pot, it had fallen on the floor and neither of us noticed!

About the only "good" thing about the incident was that it happened so long ago that I can't remember what "normal" vision is like, I have also adapted so well that 99% of people I meet can't tell I am half blind. The only times I get caught are when they come up to me on my extreme right side and when I am tired!

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