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Whiplash Audio: do they still exist?

  1. qsk78
    Hey, just wondering if anybody was buying anything from them for the past 3-4 weeks?
    I ordered the cable 3 weeks ago. Two times I tried to reach their customer support to understand my order status - no response.
    The bad thing that the payment was done just with a credit card and not with paypal, so it is quite complicated now to request a refund.
  2. starence
    He was responding to emails as recently as late December, when I cancelled an order. That's all I know.
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  3. qsk78
    What is actual lead time for cables at Whiplash? Does anyone know?
    It says 2-3 weeks from the date of order on their website. Still nothing is received.

    I spoke to my bank today to investigate if I can get my money back since the order has not been fulfilled and the seller does not communicate anything at all.
    Should I consider my money was just stolen by that company?:angry:
  4. rennwerkes
    I have the same question.
    Have cables that need to be re-terminated and their phone number doesn't seem to be working and when I emailed them no reply.
    Or can anyone suggest a company to re-terminate my worn MMCX connectors?
  5. choisan
    seems business closed

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