Which Smartphone has great sound quality? Moto Droid, Nexus 1, HTC Desire
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Couldn't you install some third-party player on Android phones that offers EQ manipulation? It obviously wouldn't overcome limitations set by the hardware, but you could at least fiddle with the settings.

Oh, and for the record: The Samsung Omnia is a horrible DAP. I never realized how bad it sounded before I decided to get a dedicated DAP.

[size=10pt]I have to disagree. Back when all my friends had to have iPhones three years ago the Samsung Omnia was well regarded as the best sounding smart phone on the market on many forums. The problems the Omnia has are not the SQ its capable of, but volume and usability. Its sound is well extended in both directions but the Omnia has far too low volume even for 16Ohm IEM's.[/size]
[size=10pt]After reading your comment I decided get it out of the drawer last night and charged it to test with my K271MKII and was quite surprised. Paired with the Fiio E5 on bass boost, the SQ is excellent. Its extends deep, and is really tight with great bass articulation and separation from the highs. It definitely sounds much better than my Ipod Classic or my friends Zune, it's very dynamic. It isn't that bright so snare drums aren't as dry as on the Ipod, but are still crisp.[/size]
[size=10pt]However, I used it with GSPlayer running Flac files out to an E5. If it makes a difference, the prebuffer in GSPlayer is maxed out and "always open output device" is checked, which basically removes any hiss being output through the strange proprietary line-out/headphone jack thing.[/size]
[size=10pt]Its strong points are its vocals and ambience. However, its massive, ambient vocal causes soundstage congestion and subpar instrument separation. The iPod classic doesn't have congestion or separation problems; but doesn't sound nearly as dynamic and full. Texture is great, but its subpar instrument separation doesn't exactly bring out details deep in the mix. Depth is surprisingly good (much better than the iPod classic) but not great. [/size]
[size=10pt]I have a used Samsung Omnia II coming in the mail from ebay and will compare sound quality between the two. If the Omnia II sounds as good or better it will make a much better pmp than the old Omnia, as the Omnia II has a real headphone jack and a nice amoled screen.[/size]
[size=10pt]If not, I'll be back where I was again, stuck between whether or not I should get the Leckerton UHA-4 portable dac/amp or the Cowon X7 as a main setup...[/size]
[size=10pt]Edit: After further listening I discovered some problems with the Omnia's sound quality which I've written above. For some people the congestion could be a serious problem; though this problem could be related to the E5, it isn't the greatest amp. Its possible this problem could be alleviiated with a better amp,but would all those extra wires be worth it? =/ ...Still, its biggest problem is its hp adapter which breaks with use and is inconvenient, not its sound quality. I wouldn't use it if I had a more convenient one that sounds as good.[/size]
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I've got no clue how Nexus 1 or the Droid sound.  However I have got the HTC Desire and it sounds horrible.  Loads of noise and distortion at any volume.
Hope this helps.
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Nexus 1 and the desire share the same hardware.
install powerAMP and it will solve all your problems,the hardware is excellent,its just that the stock android music player sucks!
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[size=10.0pt]Hi I was just researching on this subject, I found and I read this post and I decided to test my Samsung Omnia II i8000.[/size]
[size=10.0pt]Although it's the laggiest phone ever created so don't buy it, its audio performance seems to be great, maybe comparable to the iPhone 4.[/size]
[size=10.0pt]I'm no audiophile so I can’t really tell you anything about the mids or highs or soundstage and all that stuff, I still don’t really have a sense of what do those things mean. But I kinda know a bit on the technical side so here are the test results. My 3.5mm cable sucks but I tried to shield it with aluminum foil so it should be fine.[/size]
[size=10.0pt]Reference sound card is Creative X-Fi Extreme Music.[/size]
and oh, this phone is really loud, I think my Etymotic Research MC5 is 16-ohm but I can't even take 50% volume, I usually listen at 20%.

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Hi guys, sorry to bump & steal your thread here, but I just have one quick question:
Among the currently available Android smartphones, is Samsung's Nexus S (or Nexus 1) is the one with the "best" soundchip?
My iPhone just choked on me, and I was getting pretty darn sick of that phone, so next up is a Android based phone. :)
Edit; I'm stuck between the Samsung Nexus S and LG's Optimus X2, both are priced the same here in Norway, but the sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack is the deciding factor..
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Best "sound chip" (it's called a DAC) doesn't always translate into best sound and sometimes whether a DAC is better than another is up for debate. The stock 5G Ipod uses a Wolfson DAC that is said to be better sounding than the newer Cirrus Logic DAC Ipods, but in direct comparisons, the Iphone 4 blew it away. Thus consider implementation or a more holistic approach, wish it were it easier to do direct multi comparisons of Phones/DAPs myself as that's the best way to go about it. I don't know about the other smartphones, but the Iphone 4 sounds better than any other Ipod I've used. 
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Sgs II has yamaha chip.
Nexus S has the same chip and hardware as galaxy s so it suppose to be good with music.
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You should try Samsung Galaxy S II, the original Galaxy S had the best sound chip on the market, I guess the Galaxy II should be equal/better...

Look into Voodoo Control Plus and Wolfson WM-8994 codec, supposedly applicable on many droid phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S phone (Fascinate) loaded with Android 2.21; phone is rooted, with Voodoo Control Plus and Neutron Audio player. The Voodoo app has a headphone boost, negating the need for an external amp. Works unbelievably well and sound quality as good as anything out there, IMHO.
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BTW, our BJ Wholesale stores in CT (probably elsewhere as well) have a buy one get one free deal on the "old" Samsung Fascinate in July. One heck of a deal on a hand-held computer that can play awesome music, aside from answering your calls.

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