Which Portable amp for a DAP connected to my car stereo?
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Jul 28, 2009

I've been searching and reading countless threads looking for an answer to my question. I have a mazda3 with the auxmod adapter (basically a stereo line in hooked up to where a tape deck would be connected to the cd changer if you really went that route) installed so that I can play mp3s while in the car. We have a Sansa Clip, Zune, Ipod, and Iphone in our family that we use at various times while driving. The problem is that the volume on both the device and the stereo need to be turned up relatively high to get good sound. Now its not that much of an inconvenience to do so, but the downsides are that battery life is much worse and if you forget to turn it down before you play the DAP on your headphones, you'll walk away with a nice ringing sensation in your ears.

So my question is, what portable amp would you suggest to remedy this? I would think that it would probably be similar to what you want for your headphones in general, but I may have missed any info regarding this, so any clarification would be appreciated.

Also, I'm not looking to spend too much money on a solution, so something under $40-50 would be what I'm looking for. 2 options that seem popular are the the CMOY Altoid Amps and the FIIO E5. Which would be a better option? Are there others?

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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Are your running your AUX input from the headphone jack? If so, then you first try to run your portable from the line out.

On your iPod, get a dock to 3.5 LOD cable. You can get $$ or cheap ones (as in $5). Both work. Then run that into the AUX.
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To clarify, my devices are connected to the Head Unit with a 3.5mm stereo Male/Male cable (DAP to aux in adapter). The adapter is an aftermarket Mod for my car, since they Aux in's weren't standard until the year after I got my car.

@oldskoolboarder - I should also note that I should have said that we currently use the Sansa and the Zune in the car, but would eventually like to use the ipod/iphone in there as well once we have the proper adapters. Thanks for the info.

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