Which Phone/Smartphone has the best audio quality?
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Jun 18, 2015
I have been looking for any phone that has great audio quality, I cannot afford a separate device for audio at the moment. A USB DAC would be nice but not required. I don't care much about cameras or OS, as long as it doesn't crash frequently. I would prefer expandable storage (if not available 64gb/128gb storage is fine too). I generally only use my phone for web browsing and music. It would be nice to have decent battery life as my current s4 uses about 75% of the amount of power when it's off as when its on. I've been gearing towards the Sony since I really liked my Xperia Z, so the Z3+ or Z3v are my main interests right now.
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i would say the vivo x5 max or the meizu mx4 pro, both have dedicated DAC/AMPs built in plus a high end smartphone  for half the price of the current flagships 
too bad that the meizu mx4 pro was discontinued by the manufacturer and now is a pretty rare smartphone, i own a mx4 pro and im very happy.
i dont know much about the vivo but there is a thread abut the phone http://www.head-fi.org/t/746014/vivo-x5max-audiophile-powerhouse-sabre-es9018k2m-dac-yamaha-yss-205x-signal-processor-sabre-es9601-headphone-amp-and-opa1612-amplifier
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GSMArena reviews provide distortion, dynamic range, etc. measurements for smart phones. For example, scroll down in this review: http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g3-review-1086p7.php

Meanwhile, you might also look for a deal on a Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip. They can often be found for <$30 and have SQ as good as the best smart phones.
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Just throwing my 2 cents but I have the Xperia Z3V and the 3.5mm connection is now faulty and I've read on other forums with similar experiences. Sound cuts in and out when your headphone jack moves, and also wobbles in the socket.
This started about a few weeks ago and I got the phone last year on Black Friday. Very disappointed to be honest.

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