Which pair of headphones is better for noise reduction? 380pro/QC35ii
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May 18, 2016
I need a new pair of headphones to reduce noise for studying. I had Sennheiser HD380 pro a few years ago that died, and I remember it having somewhat decent noise isolation. Right now, the 380pro, Bose QC35ii and Sennheiser PXC450 are the only headphones I can buy quickly. Most video reviews suggest Sony WH1000xm3 having best noise cancelling, but they aren't available here, and I'm unlikely to get those in time. However, I have no way to compare these Noise cancelling headphones review compare only against each other, etc, not the passive ones. How would HD 380 pro noise reduction compare with Bose QC35-ii (both passive and active combined?

I've been using small earphones under earmuffs 3m Peltor 98 and x5a, which provide perfect noise reduction, but its too uncomfortable, especially the earphones for the prolonged period of time I wear them. My open headphones are simply out of the question as they let in too much of distraction.

The 380 pros are available at a little less than half the price of QC35ii, the PXC 450 are at about the same price as QC35. If the combined noise reduction on QC35ii is about the same, or less than 380 pros, it wouldn't make sense to go for QC35.

I'm not interested in in-ear earphones, which, while effective, are just too uncomfortable, and I recently developed some mild infection in external ear with due to all the trauma associated with putting them in, and taking them out over and over again. + I'm to use them pretty much the whole day, except when wearing earmuffs when I don't expect the need to listen to something, and on average put them in, and out 2 or 3 times every hour.


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