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Which one is better - Senheiser CX300 ~or~ Sony EX310SL ~or~ JVC FX3X

  1. IcyPRO
    I would like to know, which one of these is better.
    I'm looking for punchy bass and clear / crisp sound...
    (it can be any kind of Senheiser "in-ear" earphones - not just EX310SL, but under 60$)
    (or any other under 60$?)
    Thank you very much!
  2. mbamg
    Would not recommend CX300s if you want clear sound. They sound quite muddy. Sounds like you're looking for something with a V-shaped sound signature.
  3. IcyPRO
    SO far, I'm thinking about sony or fx3x, though there may be some better around... and if not, thell me which ones of these two should i pick?
  4. ZARIM
    The JVC FX3X offers highquality deep punchy bass with nice and clear mids, highs and fairly wide soumdstage(better sounding than others two), Sony E310 is also nice, clear sounding but JVC bass is better and it's more clear.
  5. nihontoman
    Get the JVC I'd choose JVC too...
  6. IcyPRO
    Thanks for your help...
  7. jeromium
    I had the Sennheiser CX300 from 2008 to 2012, they were my first good quality IEMs and I really enjoyed them. At first I remember the bass being pretty muddy and I had to turn my iPod/iPhone EQ to "bass reducer" or whatever it's called, but after burn-in they became much better and I turned off the EQ for the rest of the time I owned them. They were good sounding IEMs to me.
    A few months ago, the right side gave out so I started shopping around and ended up with the Klipsch S4i II. I realized I missed the J-cord and was annoyed by the iPhone controls on the cable, so I shopped around for new ones and ended up with the Sony MDR-EX310LP.
    I like the EX310 better than both right out of the box, no burn-in. Much clearer bass than the CX300, deeper/punchier bass than both the CX300 and the S4i II, much clearer mids than the CX300, and softer but better highs than the S4i II. The CX300 sucked for highs so there's no comparison there.
    I'm really really happy with the EX310, can't imagine what they'll sound like with more than 2 hours of burn-in. I've only had them since Friday and only used them for the second time today.

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