Which of these two amps would you get?
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Mar 3, 2004
Ok, I kinda figured out what I want out of an amp, and I'm trying to decide between these two. I found a good deal on a new Skorpion HV-1 for $400 (retails for $650), which I'm sure nobody is familiar with, or I could get a MG head OTL32. The Skorpion is a risky proposition since I could only find one review, and the reviewer didn't seem that familiar with headphones or amps. Which would you choose, based the information at hand?
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No replies? I guess I'll give more specifics then. I plan on using this amp with two different cans, my DT770-80's, and soon a pair of HD650's. The other parts of my setup will be something like this: Voodoochile "tushi" 3960, through headphile silvers. I also plan on getting a tubedac+ in a couple of months too.

The reviewer describes the HV-1 as neutral, while I think the MG head is known to sound more "tubey". I generally like vocals to be the strongest part of the music, but I don't know whether a "tubey" sound is good or bad for this. I also plan in putting a good deal of money into retubing.

A link to the review here:
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That has always been an option. If I did go the singlepower route, I think I would spend a little more money, probably $1000 and get either a fairly base MPX3, or a highly upgraded PPX3-6sn7. The reason I post now, is because I am unsure of whether to take this deal on the Skorpion mostly.
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I almost bought one when I first came to Head-Fi. I have a friend who can speak Polish and was going to have one of his friends in Poland pick one up cheap for me. You said you only found one review. If it's the one I think it is the Skorpion inverts phase on the channels so you would have to compensate for that. Why in the world someone would sell it that way I'll never know? Anyone else?
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Originally Posted by Puddleglum
Seeing as no-one seems to know much about this amp, I think I'll pass and hold out for an MPX3 instead.

Check out the one CD3000 has for sale in the for sale forum. Looks like a great deal. Also a decked out PPX3 for sale there. I've owned the OTL32 and to my ears both the Singlepowers are more enjoyable. Good luck.

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