which IEM's sound like pioneer HDJ 1000 (or other DJ headphones)
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Sep 29, 2012
Hi guys,
i listen to dance music exclusively, currently using a pair of pioneer HDJ 1000, which is listed in the forum as a basshead phone
and a fun/v-shaped one. now i am in search of some IEM that provide a similiar listening experience(like a dj headphone), i own some good budget iem's like philips 3590 and ath ckm50, but i dont think they are close to hdj 1000, what do you guys recommend? do i need to get generous on the budget?
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Not sure if you ever got some good info on this question. I've owned the HDJ1000 for a few years and always dug them for the sound isolation and solid thump, while still having pretty good soundstage and articulation - not great, but not bad.
I've a set of UE Super.Fi 5 Pro and a set of UE Triple.Fi 10 - I'd say the Triple.Fi are what you're looking for - they too have a bit of a V to their curve. You obviously won't get the same on-head mid-bass thump you do from the pioneers, but overall they sound better (The triple.fis) The bass is deep and tight and the highs are like fine crystal. 
The super.fi 5 pros have a more neutral curve (I still love them to death) and have more of a midbass thump but it doesn't extend down nearly as far. The Triples are probably what you're after.

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