Which headphone amp and any customaizations?
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Sep 9, 2007
Okay, I've been doing some research, trying to find the right portable amplifier and a good budget. Right now I am considering the Mini^3, as it seems to be at a good price point, a great, deal, and works well. However, I have a few uncertainties from things I have run across in my searching.

Firstly, is there any other amp out there better than the mini^3 at this price point or below it? and I would prefer only things that come in decent looking cases, nothing in altoids tins please.

Secondly, since the Mini^3 is a DIY amp, (though I don't have the tools or knowledge to make such a thing) it can have any opamp or combo that is compatible with the setup allowed by the circuit board, correct? Would it be possible to set up the mini^3 with opamp rolling capability, or would that require modifying the circuit board in some excessive way, or does the mini^3 come with opamp rolling normally anyway?

If the mini^3 cannot do opamp rolling, how can I determine the best opamp to discuss putting in it with whoever is willing to build one for me? Or are the standard ones in the high performance version good enough?

Lastly, who at present builds mini^3s on here and might be willing to build me one? I know the website for the mini^3 lists some people, and misterX seems popular, but I am just wondering if there is anyone else who would be recommended.


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