Which earbuds for my GF? [50-100$]
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Oct 4, 2010
Hi. My gf needs a new set of headphones, she prefers earbuds and listens to wide range of music so a balanced sound sig is preferred. Her source is Cowon J3, and she has been using the stock earbuds which she loved but the cable is failing. I want to get her a decent set of earbuds for about 50-100$ that are durable and sound good. So far I looked at [size=7pt][/size]

MX880-has good sound, but might be uncomfortable for her, not sure on durability, but senheiser normally is durable[size=7pt][/size]

Yuin pk2- same as mx880 but has much closer size to standard earbuds, read that its quiet fragile how ever. [size=7pt][/size]


I have not found many other earbuds in this range so any suggestions are welcome.



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I've had my PK-2's for 3 or 4 years now with no problems...  (knock wood)  And they sound great!
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Please forgive me for this post but I have seen other posts like this time and again. I don't know if this is the case with you or not but it seems a trend that boyfriends spend less money on audiophile gear for their girlfriends. I can't figure this out. It's kind of like the guy buying a Porsche for himself but then turning around and buying a Volvo for his girlfriend. If you are happy with the gear you have, why not buy the the same or similar gear for your girl? If it is not within your budget, then maybe you can save for it. I can assure you, her hearing is as good as yours. 
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[size=7pt]I have discussed it with her and she doesn’t want expensive 200$ ear buds. If I knew that the headphones I get for her will last a long time (like hd25-1's etc) then I would spend that kind of cash, but she listens to everything on the go and doesn't like in-ear's or large headphones. And essentialy told me to get her 10$ earbuds, so want to invest a bit more and get her a nicer mid-level headphones, to see if she likes them. PLus im just a broke college student, so spending 200$ on an experiment to see if she likes it or not is not a good idea... I think she will more apreaciate me taking her out some where for another 100$ [/size]
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I second the Yuin PK2. Balanced and very good sounding earbuds that sound great and that aren't too big (in case your girlfriend hasn't got that big ears).
I have bought PK2 for my wife and she uses them with a Sony A856, and she loves the combination. I have also bought her a pair of AKG K518 LE, but she thinks that they clamp too much.
Together with the PK2, I have given her a earbud hard case like this one (but pink):

There are other designs as well:

Hopefully it will keep the PK2 from being damaged when she's not using them. You can find earbud cases on Ebay for less than $5. There's a small hard case included with the PK2, but I prefer the cases pictured above.

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