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Which DAP for Atlas/IEM

  1. circafreedom
    I recently got the CA Atlas and I'm looking for a DAP to pair it with. I'd like something that has the capabilities of streaming, but doesn't need every bell and whistle. Around the $400-800 If anyone has a good pairing they would like to share, it would be appreciated. I'm pretty new to this and and want some suggestions to start my journey. I'll be using it with other IEM's in the future as well.
  2. serman005
    Have not heard it paired with the Atlas, but I do like the DX90 quite a lot. A good sounding player. Worth reading about IMO. The Plenue D is another less expensive option. Maybe read about them and see what you think. It is possible one could work for you.
  3. circafreedom
    @ serman Thanks for the response. I'll look into them. It's overwhelming with the amount of products on the market.
  4. serman005
    I know--it is. :frowning2:

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