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Which 2.0 setup?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by norca, Jan 2, 2013.
  1. NorCa
    Hey guys, I want to upgrade my audio setup for speakers. I need a headphone out aswell, I'm not gonna be able to use my Xonar ST, unless you really think is not worthy and I should definitely keep my sound card.
    Any other suggestions are welcome!
  2. MagnaCumLaude
    Okay, what is your budget?  If you don't have one you can spend as much as $100,000+ on speakers.  (I don't think you are looking at that price range...maybe not).  Also, I am confused with your sound card situation...you are planning on not using your sound card?  What is your source going to be?
  3. NorCa
    I'm gonna buy the Silverstone SG-05 (mini-itx), so no room for sound card. I have around $800 but I would really really REALLY like to spent less. My source will be my computer. I've been also considering Audioengine D1 - A5+. I want something decent that makes me want to keep it for a couple of years or more, not $90 that I will change pretty soon and become useless on my closet :wink:
  4. MagnaCumLaude
    Okay, makes sense.  A couple more questions: The Audioengine A5+ is a bookshelf speaker.  Would you like bookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers.  I like floorstanding speakers better but its up to you.  Also, would you like your speakers to be active or passive? 
  5. NorCa
    Bookshelf, I like passive a little more. Sounds better to me paying $300 for a passive than $300 for an active (part of the price is the amp, not all on speaker quality). I'd love to find some stereo receiver like the HK3490(includes DAC - toslink input) a little cheaper, $440 just for receiver will hurt my speaker budget a lot.
  6. MagnaCumLaude
    They way I look at it, a receiver will probably last me a long time so I don't mind spending extra money on that.  Speakers will come and go due to wear and tear, music interests, space changes, etc.  Although I have never seen or owned the HK3490, it looks good and from the reviews, I would buy it.  Also, the Klipsch - Icon 5-1/4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers look pretty good for their price.  I will have to throw in a disclaimer...I have never owned or heard any of these products but based on my research, I would purchase these two items.  I generally stay away from bookshelf speakers but, hey, I might someday.   
    Good Luck, MCL

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