Where to get Stones SACDs in EU?
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Sep 16, 2005

I'm currently searching for an european online store that carries The Rolling Stones SACD Hybrids at a good price. I realise the existence of a dedicated 'online music store' thread but as it's rather US-centered, it's not of much use to me.

I'm well aware of the various amazon branches throughout Europe but I'm hoping to discover a cheaper place. Can you please advise me some? Thanks.

EDIT: Does anyone have an experience with cdon.com?

EDIT 2: Actually, it seems to me that I've got no better choice but lurking on eBay or importing from US (amazon comes to mind first). Concerning the latter possibility--I've read a few posts at SH forums about amazon sending people redbooks instead of expected sacds (they often don't clearly state the format though). Not very assuring ...

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