Where to buy vintage PCDP's?
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Jan 27, 2006
Yes they live everywhere really..
get creative..pawn shops is great place to start, estate auctions/sales..
although I fear you may not get the response you may hope from this thread, as it is kind of like asking a bunch of detectives how they spoil crimes...

and we all fight crime here
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Feb 16, 2006
Pawn shops, cash converters (an international chain of "higher end" pawn shops), estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, flea markets. Of course, ya gotta be careful with some of those pawn shops... they can be in rough parts of town...

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It was raining in the city. I had a lead from an old friend, contacted me and said he had a tip I might be willing to pay for, might be worth looking into. I said sure, why not, business was slow the last week… he started talking about how good CD’s could sound with the right gear… old portable “Discman’s” he kept saying… Sony in particular. Said the old ones from the late 80’s and early 90’s had the right stuff, some were worth a right packet, suckers on ebay paid a small fortune for them. Alright I said, what do you want outta this? He described this CD player, it was one of a kind, had 2 display screens, one up top on the lid, one on the face. Said it was a 555 and they built it like a tank. Sure thing, if I see one I’ll get it, what else should I know? He said get any square metal ones, but avoid the round molded lids of early units.

I found a catch at an asian pawn shop in a real run down depressed part of town. This one particular place had about 50 of them stacked down low under a dingy old glass counter which in turn was hidden behind literal mountains of power tool cases and TV's. Just about everything in the store must be stolen, what with junkies and freaks jumbling and fumbling around outside the place and spilling inside now and again to talk trash with the owners, trying to get a few bucks for some hot item. I kept low and pointed to the ones I wanted the old man to rake out of the pile. This stuff had been sat there years, no doubt about it, and a real find too. About half a dozen looked about right, and as I mumbled “yeah I’ll take them all for $60” the grizzled dealer, aware of the anomaly that was my presence, simply nodded and motioned to a decaying pair of cans sat on a shelf beside a set of worthless speakers, indicating if I wanted to test them first. A flickering gesture of dismissal, a handful of crumpled greasy bills exchanged, and a bundle of old shopping bags heavy with Sony discman’s was mine.

As I passed the chaotic slumped heaps of depressed workmen’s tools, I couldn’t help wonder what poor working stiff they had been stolen from. Pushed the door open with an elbow, crossed the threshold and then I felt it happen. Out of my peripheral vision a junky by the door put down the brass eagle statue he had been pawing over and started to follow. I knew the routine well enough, expected the patter of feet coming faster and faster behind, the smell of degenerate rags…

I walked faster into the stinging cold rain, a grimace of hatred etched on my face, imagining the crime scene taped off with the flashing red and blue lights. I turned the corner into the alley, parted the trench coat and loosened the gun from the holster…

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Jul 25, 2003
A few members here had the luck of finding highly sought after vintage PCDPs in pawn shops or at the Goodwill stores. Unfortunately I was never one of the lucky ones.
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Aug 3, 2003
Like a lot of "hunts", luck is a huge factor. One day I walked into a pawn shop and they had a rare Sony SRF-100A AM stereo radio just sitting in the case, priced next to nothing.

These things do happen.

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Jan 19, 2005
Garage sales, flea markets, pawn shops.

Most of the pawn shops I've been to in my area have had the crap vintage models like audiovox, emerson, the cheap walkmen sonys, gpx, etc. Whenever I pass by a pawn shop I try to stop in and check out what they've got. Majority is bad, but...

I did score a D-ej2000 in almost flawless condition, with everything but the gumstick battery, for $30
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Jul 23, 2003
eBay is making these finds more & more rare, unfortunately... I suspect garage sales would be the next best option, particularly with summer coming up in the N. hemisphere...

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