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Where to buy 2.5 balanced for HE400I

  1. Jerda
    where to buy them? I am buying a fiio q1 mk2, but cant find a cable at a decent price
  2. FastAndClean
  3. Jerda
    What dude! why is so expensive???
  4. FastAndClean
    Because it sound good.
  5. Jerda
    Awesome mate, thanks xD
  6. cossix
    That's not very expensive honestly :p normal XLR balanced cables usually cost 80 bucks just for the basic ones
    ostewart likes this.
  7. Jerda
    lol dude srsly? watch his signature lol
  8. cossix
  9. Jerda
    your signature, aka were you written your mobile / home / gaming setup XD
    look his signature lol
  10. cossix
    What about it :p
    Jerda likes this.
  11. Jerda
    dude you are not understandin please understand

    @FastAndClean how's the quality of the cable?
  12. FastAndClean
    i have no idea, that was the cheapest cable i found, i just wanted to help
  13. Jerda
    LoL thanks anyway.
  14. cossix
    Dude you are not explainin please explain xD
  15. Jerda
    dude one day wi will bie old and when you will be grown up u will understand what me and your mother are trying to say to you !:angry:

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