Where have all my GBs gone?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 16, 2008
i have done yet another fresh install of windows 7

installed all drivers and programs

thers now 70gb of used space out of 400 availible!!

i can only allocate for 16gb!
[i opened the (C) drive and highlighted everything and clicked properties inc hidden files]

wheres the space gone?

ive also used ccleaner to remove all restore points
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I have approximately the same amount of stuff not counting a few programs on my 320gb external, and my 640gb RAID 0 internal, yet I have ~ the same amount free. Time for a fresh install of XP
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Here's a few things to try:
  1. TreeSize
  2. Scandisk (right-click C > properties > tools > scan now)
  3. Check partitioning structure (control panel > admin tools > cpr. mgmt. > storage > disk mgmt.)
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ah sorry

it was the shadow copy, it obviously doesnt show in disk management or file tree revealing programs.. i had to resize it

it was taking up exactly the amount of space i had lost!

53GBs!! so it was related to system restore/backup

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