Where do you store your vinyl collection?
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I just lean mine against the nearest radiator.
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In the back of the room behind the couch, on some standard metal shelves. The records themselves are in wooden milk crates that Ikea used to sell (but doesn't anymore). There's a few larger plastic milk crates areound also.

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After looking into various commercial products to store my LP collection, I decided to built the cabinets for my needs. There were excellent commercial products for this purpose but they were too expensive to store all my LPs which is somewhere around 3500's last time I checked. On my last move from Hawaii to Kansas, the movers definitely not happy about all the boxes that they had to carry for LPs.

Nothing too fancy, I just used birchwood 3/4" plywood materials with biscuit joints and it is holding really well so far. Now if I can find more time to listen to my LP collection, I will be happier man.
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IKEA | Storage furniture | Bookcases | EXPEDIT | Bookcase Best el Cheepo thing. Have fun putting them together though. Ha Ha, I purchased three.
Two people are needed for assembly of this furniture.
Caution! To prevent falling, all furniture more than 29" high should be anchored to the wall.
Safety strap for mounting to wall included. You may want to use wire and screw eyelets as I did.
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I should add that before I had Gothic Cabinets', I had cheap three self bookcases from Staples that were like $40 each and held about 450lps. They were adequate but I wanted to go higher. When you buy, you have to make sure the shelves adjust so you can fit lps on each rather than get some that are unnecessarily large and some that don't fit.

Prior to that I had a milk-crate city. Back then, milk crates were metal and did not sag or wobble when you stacked them up. Still have a few.

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