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Where Are You On Wireless Headphones/IEMs? SQ? Own One? RF Safety? Do Tell!

  1. serman005
    Greetings, wise and brilliant Head-Fiers!! I have noticed just as a casual observation with zero science behind it that inquiries about and interest in wireless headphones and IEMs have really increased on the Help & Recommendations board over the last 18 or so months. At least, that's sort of been my take. Apple reportedly sold 28 million pairs of AirPods last year. Go Tim Cook! And yet, I still do not have a pair of wireless headphones.

    But I have been reading quite a bit. And it got me to wondering, what are Head-Fiers across the spectrum thinking and feeling about wireless headphones here in late 2019? Has your experience been that they still generally trail wired headphones in overall sound quality? Have you kind of ignored this move, maybe hoping it was just a fad that would just sort of fall off the truck, like me? Have you jumped in and now own a/some wireless headphone(s) and if so, how is that going? Are you now or are you planning to switch your headphone inventory primarily or exclusively to wireless? And lastly, what are your thoughts about the potential effects of wireless IEMs or headphones on your and others' brain health? Are you concerned that there may be a long-term risk not yet understood? Do you believe this technology can cause brain cancer? Anything else? Totally safe? If you are a parent, do you allow your kids to use wireless headphones? IEM's? Just the headphones, because you worry more about IEMs due to their closer proximity to the brain? Do you limit total hours per day? If so, why do you do that?

    Love to hear your thoughts and feelings on any or all of the above. I will give my own perspective after others have had a chance to post, so as not to bias the conversation. Oh, and one more thing. This post, as I re-read it, reads like questions from some marketing person. I assure you, I have no relationship with any home audio/headphone/IEM/DAC/amp/DAP/cable (or anything else you can think of that is gear we use in our hobby) company of any kind. I am just a humble Head-Fier interested in this ongoing and current apparent change in the landscape of our industry. Thanks a million for reading and or contributing. I am really, really interested to see what people have to say about this.

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