When trust disappears, Reviewers are simply “noise”
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 12, 2013
In short, I dont think it can be changed. To much money and personal agendas are involved now. To be honest the site shouldnt be allowed the .org.

I also have a problem with the touring system and the limited time the manufactures give reviewers. I'm sorry, I dont know about the rest of you, but there is no way I can give an objective review with hands-on time of a week. Especially with dacs and daps. So companies are betting on the fact that the reviewer will give a raving review because of "new car" syndrome and the fact that the allowed time is to short for the reviewer to find the flaws?

Again, the system is broken and to much money is involved to really fix it. Man... Really sounds like government and politics now.

Hope you and the good reviewers dont leave. Eeven though there is a lot of noise now, we need the signal to balance out some of the noise.
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Jan 30, 2011
Thanks Chill

Lots going on at the moment - and at least its leading to discussion. Would like to think it might lead to change - but like you, I have my doubts.

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