Wheatfiled HA-2 amps available!

Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by todd, Jan 8, 2014.
  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,
    I have 2 fully refurbished Wheatfield HA-2 headphone amps available! They are not in mint condition but are far from "beat up". They have been fully tested and have a full new tube compliment and users manual. Pete has given them a check up and some tlc to get them ready for you!
    We currently have 2 available... so if you have been waiting for one here is your chance!
    We will also offer a 1 year warranty on the amp and 30 days on the tubes!
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  2. nikongod
    Someone (2 someonoes, I guess) is going to get a great amp for high impedance headphones. 
  3. cobra_verde
    I'm the second lucky someone. I am enjoying the HA-2 with the AKG K1000. The K1000 / HA-2 combination is very detailed and natural with an excellent tactile sound (with my Plinius CD101 cd player). Tube rolling will be fun.

    Anyway, I think Todd and Pete will have one more HA-2 for one more lucky person.

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