What's your favorite brand of liquor?
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Call me a wooooosie....Give me a DIET PEPSI anyday....It's a bitch, I've gone my whole life tryin' I just can't drink and I've tried......57yrs old and never had a beer!! go ahead and LAUGH it's true........must be the Native American Indian in me, Hell, I don't know why...I'm just pissed everyone started Dr_ g Testing......a little p_ _ never made me want to Kill, steal or commit evil crimes or be careless..... any thoughts??
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I never got into scotch, so that rules out a whole realm...

I think Hendricks gin is really special. Also, as a more lamely mainstream choice, I actually love Navan - the vanilla flavored cognac - on the rocks. Terrific stuff.
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I really like Fris vodka for an affordable "go to" vodka. It has a nice smooth taste, works great as a mixer and wont break the bank. It's better than a lot of other brands in the price range imo.

My favorite bang for buck vodka is Glacier Park. Oustanding potato vodka made in the US - extraordinarily smooth stuff that I would take over any other major vodka brand (stolli, goose and belvedere included) except Chopin.
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I have been really favoring sugar cane rum of all types lately. No specific brand though. It is really kind of sad that I have to specify sugar cane rum because it is different than common rum.
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My liquor of choice is definitely vodka, and ive tried the majority of the top shelf labels available. Grey Goose is over priced trash, for 35 bucks you can do much better. My favorite used to be chopin. Then i found effen, which i feel ties chopin in greatness. Recently i finally got a bottle of jean marc XO, which is a 60 dollar bottle of vodka, and supposed to be the best, and i tried it, and it really is. Better than diamond 100, which i also tried at the same time. But here comes the kicker, i had also for a very long time wanted to try Tito's handmade vodka, which is made in alembic pot stills from corn in texas. And all ive to say is wow! the only vodka that is better than this is the Jean Marc XO, and for 22 dollars a bottle the tito's is an amazing value, it really does blow the chopin and effen right out the window. The Tito's has almost no burn, and even the burn it has, is more a warmth, and tastes good. Most bad vodka the burn tastes very bad, but here it is good, also it doesnt linger. There is also a ever so slight level is sweetness in the aftertaste that i beleive is from the corn as well. I feel that everyone that likes vodka really needs to give tito's a shot, i personally wont ever buy anything else, though i will keep the jean marc around for special occasions.
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I'm a cheap guy.

Sailor Jerry with some Pepsi/Dr. Pepper is wonderful.

That, or Maker's Mark.


EDIT: I'm drunk and didn't realize I already posted on this thread way back when. W00t, full circle!

Sounds like you and me need to get together after all. you gotta try this Ron Diaz stuff, my buddy works at a store that sell it so...

Beyond sweet whiskys and rums, I like vodka. Absolut is awesome.
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I have been really favoring sugar cane rum of all types lately. No specific brand though. It is really kind of sad that I have to specify sugar cane rum because it is different than common rum.

I'm really not clear on the difference, aside from the knowledge that "10 cane rum" is nothing like anything i've ever had in a bottle labeled "rum".

For one thing it's got way too much sugar in it. If it's representative of what you're calling sugar cane rum, no thanks. And you can have the half a bottle I've got, because i can't find a good use for it.

I can't claim to be an expert but i'm not really on board for some of the more questionable branches of common spirits.

I just mean, in general, rum is fermented from molasses. Not sugar, but the sugary residue left over from purifying sugar. Because that was what they had on hand to ferment in the sugar-producing colonies.

Liquor made from cane juice must obviously be some other kind of liquor, in the same sense that mead is not called "honey rum".

I have the same problem with Vermont Gold calling their liquor "vodka". Vodka is fermented from starch, in a fundamentally different process from liquors that are fermented from sugars. If you make it out of maple syrup, that's a sugar, and it's miles closer to mead or rum than vodka. I suppose it has relatively low sugar content, and vodka is the most popular liquor, so they call it vodka. Nonsense.

I recently did some research and discovered that production of sugar from beets does leave behind a substance almost but not completely unlike molasses, but it is unbelievably nasty and attempts to make rum from it in a traditional process result in something undrinkable.

HOWEVER, one of the reasons you sometimes see booze that says "grain neutral spirits" on the label and sometimes see booze that says "neutral spirits" without specifying grain (or potatoes for that matter) is because beet distillate - nearly-pure alcohol made from sugar beets - is commonly used to boost the alcohol content of liquors.

I wonder what riots there would be if producers of alcoholic beverages were required to put ingredients on the label the way that is required for food and beverages in the US. It's odd, if you think about it, that a can of cokeacola has a whole list of ingredients on it, but in theory the moment you add rum to it, the ingredients list goes away.
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There is no protected status for Vodka, so you can pretty much call any distilled alcohol vodka. Part of this comes from the modern idea that the perfect vodka is flavorless, which I think is complete BS. Also it takes fewer distillations to get a "pure" vodka from a sugary fruit than traditional grains.

I've had really good sugar beet vodka before. And there's a pineapple vodka from Hawaii that is about the smoothest I've ever tasted. Personally I prefer rye and potato vodkas that have not been over distilled -- just the flavor of alcohol alone isn't appealing to me.

And yes.. before you jump on me -- I realize I was wrong about my absinthe comment!

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