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What's the Weirdest Place Where You've Checked Headfi

  1. thatonenoob
    I check Headfi a good amount...and thinking back I've done it in some odd places...eg Buddhist temple on a hill/mountain in Thailand. Their 4g is impreasive btw.

    So here's a thread dedicated to collecting some weird and whacky stories of us HF addicts...and for crazy stories in general.

    Go wild :D
  2. Vulpe5
    "Weirdest" was probably like an "after sex cigarette" in my gfs bed, but tbh, if i'm on a mountain or visiting a temple or something like that, internet doesn't have priority, neither do headphones.
    I'd rather enjoy time with people or nature in such situations.
  3. Music Alchemist
    The only places I can recall logging in aside from apartments and the house I live in now are Wendy's and the trailer next to my brother's barn, which I lived in for a few months. (That was interesting, what with the swamp town in the middle of nowhere and coyotes yipping in the forest.)
  4. PL4Y3R 0N3
    I check all the time at work, that's mostly it. Sometimes at resturaunt sand such. Haven't been on long enough to check it in any really out there places. Guess it's time to go to a Buddhist temple to check my head-fi. XD
  5. Peti
    I remember when Tyll's review was about to get published about the HD800S I have checked both websites on an hourly basis while I was spending my holidays in Hanauma Bay, HI. Talking about devotion! :)
  6. thatonenoob
    That's pretty intense. [​IMG]  Loved Hawaii, such a nice change from the city where every weather report can be summarized as some variation "grey, gloomy, rainy, chance of showers, and/or overcast". Did the HD-800s ever work out for you?
    I heard that meditating there with Head-Fi opened up on your phone is the fast track to getting to legendary status on Head-Fi.
    Haha true...but then again u may find that sometimes it is the company or circumstance that necessitates a diversion.  I.e. annoying people/ situations.  
  7. thatonenoob
    Totally missed this.  I can see it now: Seal Team Coyote: Swamp Audio Specialist

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