What's in your CIEM care kit?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 22, 2014
I'm missing a few things from my CIEM care kit, here is what I have right now:
Lubrication Gel
Cleaning pick w/ brush
I'm looking at getting some sore of wipes that can be used to clean the acrylic, I'm thinking dry paper towels in a zip lock bag that I can wet with water.  I've notice that after continual use the clear shells get a sort of cloudy haze on them that comes off with water.  I don't get water or gel anywhere near the sound tubes, I just use lightly wetted q-tips and paper towels to clean the shell.
What's in your kit?
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Same but I use alcohol wipes to keep bacteria to a minimum. All that fits nicely in my Alien Ears tour case. It's nice and roomy keep a spare cord as well, you never know if you will have a problem or if someone else might and it's nice to be able to eliminate the cord being a problem. I use alcohol wipes because it dries quicker and you can't get them too wet as there is only so much fluid in the pre moistened swab. Handy incase it needs to be done between sets.

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