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What's a good upgrade from Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro?

  1. rihsc102
    Looking to get some new headphones to go with my new Schiit Magni 2 Uber / Modi 2 Uber. I have had the DT990 Pros for a couple of years and have been happy with them, but I'm thinking it's time for an upgrade.
    My opinion on the DT990 Pros:
    lower bass - excellent, almost perfect for me
    upper bass - not nearly as good as the lower bass, lacking impact
    mids - not great, recessed
    detail - excellent on non complex tracks, not so great when there's a lot going on
    highs - too strong
    soundstage - good
    I listen to a wide range of music, electronic, house, bass, pop, acoustic, vocal.
    I have found some ex-display (box opened only 3 months ago) Beyerdynamic T90s for £280. Seems like a bargain, but I just wanted to see if these would be suitable based on my opinion of the DT 990 Pros? Would it be a massive upgrade? Or just a small one? I can spend a bit more if there's something that's a lot better or more suitable for my tastes, but not more than £450.
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Beyerdynamic T90 are my preferred headphone, for all audio :)
    280 GBP ($410) is a good price for a T90 that is in a "new like" condition. and comes with a fully warranty.
  3. rihsc102
    I called back to order them today and they only actually charged me £243. Price was £270, but I got an extra 10% again for being ex-display. I'm not sure why because the price was already discounted for them being ex-display. I'm certainly not complaining though. They come with a 2 year guarantee.
    Can't wait for them to arrive!
    I've just put my Magni 2 Uber on eBay to raise some money towards a tube amp.

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