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What would you say are the absolute best gaming headphones you have ever heard?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by overhaze, Jan 6, 2017.
  1. overhaze
    As the title suggests what is the best pair of headphones you have ever used for gaming? Where the a gaming headset or regular old headphones?
  2. HiCZoK
    I owned:
    Creative Aurvana Live! - good. my gf uses it. I think it lacks punch but sounds good. Cable is bad and headband small.
    Creative Fatal1ty mk2 - muffled sound and overwhelming bass. Great but sweaty cushions.
    Brainwavz hm5 - Fantastic pads (now my gf uses them with CAL!) but too tight as my head hurted! Also, no bass almost at all.
    Creative tactics Sigma 3D - okish headphone. Too muffled but fun to listen too. comfortable but squeeky build.
    Kingston HyperX cloud - good headphone but I returned it. I couldn't get the comfort right. Could sound more alive
    A lot of in ears from Sennheiser and AKG (they always break)
    and few other I don't even remember, so not a big experience with headphones as most is gaming stuff.
    After reading somewhere here, I decided to give Koss Porta Pro a try. It looked uncomfortable and like some cheap headphone. it cannot sound good I thought... oh boy... It is just amazing! The sound is warm, full and open. The headphone is not fatiquing and is very comfortable for long wearing time(NO SWEAT).
    I went back to the big market with a friend from work and we tried all sort of headphones (expensive sony, akg and likes). Then I asked him to try this (pointing at porta pro). He did not wanted to but I insisted. haha, the look on his face :D
    edit: But I think if price is a non issue, I would probably recommend Fidelio headphones. They sound fantastic too
  3. Galenius
    Like year ago my usual gaming headphones broke and i tried and connected Sennheisers RS 175 set via optical to PC... and till now im realy happy with them. No wire, excellent sound, bass boost, 2 surround steps. Very comfortable . Only - is no mic but allways can use some detachable one. Realy great experience with PC.
  4. rc10mike
    Ive used a ton of them, from mid-high end gaming headsets to mid-ultra high end headphones and at the end of the day, Ive stuck with my AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition. Ive learned to hate any sort of leather ear pad and the huge memory foam pads on the AKGs are simply incredible. Easily wear for hours while forgetting theyre even on my head. On top of that they sound amazing too. I also had the Massdrop version of these headphones and they felt and sounded identical.
  5. Fegefeuer
    HD 800
    TH 900
  6. oqvist
    Audeze LCD-2, Sony CD 3000, Focal Elear. 
  7. Mocro
    HD800 S Vs Ether Flow?
  8. rc10mike
    Just get the most expensive headphones out there, then you will be happy apparently..
    saddleup likes this.
  9. overhaze
    I'm so tempted to get a pair of Koss Porta Pros just to hear what they're like.
  10. HiCZoK
    I mean why not ?!
    They are cheap but imo have superior sound and comfort to whatever I've tried. But since headphones are so subjective, I have no idea how would you like them.
    There is a reason they are recommended for tera player... So not only I like them :D
  11. expontherise

    I might have to bite as well just to see the hype i keep hearing (not just here).. Why not look like robo cop after he found out about his fav band again..
  12. Diji1
    AKG K712 Pro
  13. omniweltall
    TH900 no doubt. A lot of the headphones mentioned abovr are way way below TH900, except for HD800. But HD800 still cant beat TH900 for games.
  14. gleanfont
    Razer ManO'War
  15. illram
    HD800S or HE560 or TH-X00. I could sit down for hours with any of those three and be perfectly happy.

    Always wanted a TH900. What do you guys like about it?

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