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What Tube Preamplifier can you guys recommend?

  1. RogueWolfe
    I hope this isn't too off topic but I was wondering if some of you would have a recommendation for me on a Tube Pre-Amp. I am looking at a 1.000 $ Investment max, though I wouldn't mind if it were less than that. :)

    My current preamp is a FUNK Lap-1, it's very very neutral and has astonishing detail. I pair them with 2 DIY Trans Monoblocks (not made by me, I am an absolute amateur when it comes to soldering). I was happy with this until I entered the world of headphones and bought a Shiit Vali 2. After some tube rolling I was very happy with the results with a vintage Sennheiser HD 540. Then I tried the Vali 2 as a Preamp in my system, just for fun. Amazing. Holographic, 3D, nice timbre. Unfortunately with a great loss of detail, especially up top. But it made me wonder. What would it sound like with a proper Tube Preamp. I ordered a Saga, and tbh it was a disappointment. Resolution and Detail is much better with my little Funk Preamp. And while I do hear a difference when I add the tube to the mix in the Saga - it's far from the "tube" sound the vali 2 brought to my system.

    I heard great things about the elekit 8500, and there are a couple of vendors here in Europe who sell them assembled. Reussenzehn makes PreAmps in my price range- never heard them though.

    So... Any of you run Tube PreAmps? I wouldn't mind buying used either...

    Thanks! :)

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