What to expect from well-fitting foam olives
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Jan 8, 2013
I recently got myself Shure SE215 IEMs.  Up to now I have been using them with the medium olives that were fitted but I found them to be a bit light on bass, which was contrary to the various reviews that said they have some bass emphasis.
I changed to the large olives to see how that changed and definitely the bass is better, suggesting a better seal in the ear canal.  This makes sense, I guess, since being bigger the seal between the foam and the ear canal should be stronger.
What concerns me slightly is that I'm much more aware of the physical presence of the large olives.  I could almost forget that the mediums were in (not really, but you know what I mean) but not these.  It's not uncomfortable exactly, but I would be happier if they were less intrusive.
So here's my question:  when IEMs fit well, should they be almost forgettable like the medium olives but with a less-than-perfect seal, or should they be pretty well packed in there to get a good seal but with somewhat less comfort?
Also can I expect the Shure olives to become a bit more compliant with use?  Or if they feel a bit uncomfortable now then will they always feel like that?
I gather that Comply tips are more comfortable so maybe I should get some to try them out, but it would be good to know what I can aim for before putting buying stuff that might make no difference.

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