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Nov 23, 2019
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So I’m recently new to the iem world. Started with the zsn pro, now have the zs10 pro’s. Thinking I’m ready to go to the next level. I’m just not sure where to go from here. I’d like to step up to a iem in the $100-$200 range. I really like the sound from my zs10 pro’s, so something that is similar would be nice. Is there any room for improvement? I power the 10 pro’s in balanced mode with a es100, from a iPhone XR. Should I be getting better gear? Maybe a q1 mk2, or a btr5? Am I just caught up in the more is better game? Should I just sit back and enjoy the music? Lol, I have to admit I have getnewgearitsshinyitis...
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Ikko Oh10 are a fun wide and warm iem for $180ish. If I remember correctly the zs10 were known for being somewhat bass heavy and decent on the mids a treble. Don't hold me to this but I believe the most you can output from an Iphone with a dac connected is 24bit/48khz so outside more power I don't think the q1 or btr5 will make the biggest difference. If you just want something new and fun stack that q1 mk2 to the back of your iphone and enjoy the power upgrade(and all the strange looks from people) lmao.
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I like all kinds of music, basically, if it’s music, I listen to it. I’m wanting something that has forward mids. I really like the zs10 pro’s and the tin t2’s that I have. With a little magic from the es100 eq they are sounding great, a little edge goes to the 10 pro’s. I don’t think I’ll be getting the q1mkll, as it won’t have quite enough power for my k240s to get to where I need them. I have a nx3s currently, but am maybe looking for a amp that has both se and balanced options.

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