What music ‘scales’ the best with good equipment?
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Justin Uthadude

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May 26, 2009
Quite frequently I read someone post something like this, “these heaphones, this dac, etc scales well with better equipment” which means to me that as other pieces of gear get upgraded the headphones or whatever sound better too. What I would like to know is what type of music have you found scales well with better gear?
I have always been a lover of rock music, but haven’t found that it sounds tremendously better as my gear gets better, whereas acoustic, vocal and symphonic music sounds vastly superior to what it did before the upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, Steely Dan, Dire Straits and others start to leave many of the other rock albums in the dust with better playback equipment, but now that I have been a member of Head-Fi for while, I find myself listening to vocal artists that I would never have thought I’d like because they sound so good now.
What music do you feel has ‘scaled’ well with your new gear?
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Well recorded music sounds good on any equipment of reasonable quality. If it doesn't sound good, it's the fault of the equipment, not the music. I think the concept you're talking about is mental monkey spanking.

The music you find yourself turning to is better music overall. Your tastes are expanding and maturing beyond adolescent targeted rock music. It's not the equipment doing that, its your own experience feeding your frame of reference.

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