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What is the state of wireless today?

  1. VonAntero
    I got JAYS a-Six Wireless IEMs few days ago in the mail and have been using them quite a bit during these days.

    They are the first wireless headphones I've ever owned and I've only tried few full size ones over the years.
    They will serve the purpose I got them (podcasts at work), but I was surprised how mediocre they are in terms of sound quality.
    I'm in no means a true audiophile, but I do try to have better-than-the-average-consumer stuff whenever I can justify the cost.

    Now, like I said, they will work just fine for podcast listening. Apparently they have a good battery life (12h) and they were "only" 80€, but trying to listen to music with them leaves you a bit baffled. There's a notable hiss/buzz in the background that's distracting and the sound lacks richness.
    I was fully expecting them not to have much bass, but that's the least of their problem. Even the highs and mids sound dull, flat and slightly muddled. Even when listening to podcasts I notice the quality drop from any wired ones I've used.

    I know the reputation that Beats have and when I tried my colleague's wireless Beats Studio (3?) I can see why. They had a fairly similar flaws as these ones.

    So I guess my question is: are these just bad? Is wireless this bad? Do you need to drop A LOT more money for wireless to get anything usable (for music)?
  2. FieldingMellish
  3. Tommy C
    ^^^ the thread above has some good info.
    I have tried the the Sony, Bose, PSB and the Jabra - all true wirelsss. Some are really good and some not so much.
    Did you make sure you have a good seal with your Jays?
  4. VonAntero
    Thanks. Looks like a good thread.

    Yes, I tried them with the default rubber tips first. Good seal with them, but I don't really like rubber tips, so I changed them to Comply Comfort ones. I've been using the same (well, ts-200 instead of ts-100) with my wired a-Jays Fives.
  5. Tommy C
    Yeah, Comply although provides a good seal often affects the sound too much for me.
  6. Peddler
    I use the Apple Airpods and Sony WH1000XM2 wireless headphones almost exclusively now and rate them both very highly.
  7. KinGensai
    I'm using the ATH DSR9BT right now, and they are fantastic as far as I can tell. I can't tell the difference playing lossy formats wired vs wireless, and both sound crystal clear with no background hiss. They are pretty pricey though, and they are over-ear headphones (so not nearly as portable as IEMs).

    I can't speak on the IEM front, but wireless over-ears are doing pretty good IMO.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018

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