What is the best audiophile iem for classic music?

  1. 64alex
    I am looking for the best audiophile iem a budget of up to 1k USD can get to be used mainly for classical music including chirale works. It will be used with a Headroom DAC/AMP, a little bit old but still great.

    Important things to consider are:

    1. Sound quality: The most possible flat curve.

    2. Comfort: As having ears on the small size good fit and comfort for small sized ears is important.

      It is not important a perfect sound isolatin and as a matter of fact having some ambient awareness is not bad.
    From what I saw I am thinking at the Sennheisers ie800/800s and the Beyerdynamic Xelento. Any opinion on what would be the best, or any other potential alternative for the use I am planning?
  2. pbui44
  3. Colors
    Try the Etymotic ER4SR as well. Demo it if you have a chance.
  4. 64alex
    Provided I will try demo before buying at this price range, I tend to have a preference for Dynamic drives as I see BA's as too analytic and I prefer a more coherent drive. In addition comfort is a major factor for me as having small ears they could have an impact. It is for these two reasons I am thinking about the SE ie800 and the Xelento as both are Dynamic Drivers and with reported good comfort, while I was not thinking about the Campfire and Etynmotic as both BA and with potential fitting/comfort issues.
    So any comparison between the ie800 and the Xelento?
  5. pikachuchu
    I like Shure SE846

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