What headphones for late night mixing?
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Aug 17, 2007
Hey all, I had to come here to ask this because you all know everything about this so question is, "what would you suggest I use for mixing my music when I can't use my monitors at home, due to being at college or it being late and not wanting to wake people up." I need something that doesn't color the sound, 2 I looked into so far are the ATH-M50 and the Grado 125's (not sure about the grado's because they don't look to comfortable). I'm completely open to suggestions though, and comfortability is a must as I've had to many uncomfortable headphones and they always end up being sold or returned. My price range is about $150 and below, I can go up if I would benefit substantially Thanks!
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sens HD25 II, not colored at all, don't need an amp, built like tanks, isolate, and usually members will sell with the better 650 cable for around 130 bucks.

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