What happened to the IEM cables?

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by staal, Mar 1, 2012.
  1. Staal
    Seems there are none offered by ALO at the moment?
  2. kckc
    There was an email from ALO Audio to Caesar's Palace (the Hong Kong distributor for ALO, JH Audio, 1964 Ears) I found on Facebook that says:
    "As it stands we have not found a reliable source for certain necessary for the build of these cables. Therefore, we will discontinue this cable for now."   From ALO Audio, about JH IEM Cables.
  3. Staal
    Facebook? Oh you kids and your fancy social networks!
    What a shame though, some of their cables seem quite promising.
  4. kckc


    It's funny actually, because I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook and a big reason to why I go on is to check audio-related companies and their updates. Facebook seems to be the fastest way to get information from some companies - I've even had companies that told me to check their FB for official release dates instead of on their website. 
    And yes it is unfortunate. I thought about purchasing one a couple months back but held back only to realize they don't have it anymore. I wonder what they do for customers who need their ALO IEM cables repaired..
  5. KB Contributor
    Sorry we are in between over mold companies and we are having to also tool up to make custom molds for both the IEM and mini plug ends, which takes a long time. These will be back. 
    Thank you for your patience. 
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