What do you suggest?
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Jul 10, 2008
What's up? I'm a college student and I'm looking to purchase some decent head/earphones.. I've owend the Sennheiser 202 (like 20 bucks) and the Bose Triport OE headphones in the past. I liked them both... sound quality I thought was better on the Bose but the Bose had too much bass. The Sennheiser's were louder and the Bose were more comfortable.

I'm now looking at Sennheiser HD 280 Pro and the Shure SE310.. I want the Shures because they are portable and I'd like them to go with me and the iphone so I can have access to my music at all times.

I want to be able to isolate sound effectively and have headphones with clear and rich sound. I also like deep bass. I'll be using these mostly with an iphone/other music player primarily. I also want to use them for my computer.. I'm not looking to use them for recording or mixing or anything.. just listening to music.

What would you suggest? The only reason I haven't already gotten the Shures is because I've never heard Shure's headphones.. the other in ear headphones I tried were Bose IE.. they were comfortable.. but too much bass and sound quality wasnt great.


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