What do you hope for in the new, mini CC radio?
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Feb 21, 2004
Hi. The new, mini CC radio is due out in July, if they don't push the production date ahead again. What do you hope for in it? Some of its features seem intriguing.

I am curious about the simple/advance modes. I wonder what kind of advanced features it has? I have read about over 50 combinations of tone settings? Personally, I'm hoping for a radio with superb FM and AM reception, that sounds powerful through a pair of high quality portable headphones, and a great digital disply that's easy to read. Has anyone else wondered about how well this radio will be thought out?
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What you see at the ccmini site is what I know. CCrane has been tight with the information since the announcement and has released bits and pieces over the past few months. Maybe we'll know more when the radio is finally released in a month or so.

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"Dear Customers,

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for the Mini CCRadio. I am sorry to say that the Mini CC Radio will not be part of our production schedule as planned. Despite our best efforts, the performance of the latest samples is not what we expected at this date. We feel compelled to table the Mini CC until further notice. We will be deleting all credit card information and providing refunds for any checks that were presented. I am truly sorry for this outcome and deeply apologize for disappointing you.

On a happier note, I am pleased to say that right now C. Crane has the finest lineup of high performance radios and antennas we've ever offered. Our staff is trained to answer all your questions about our radios and we intend to serve radio listeners for decades to come.

Thank you so much for the trust you have shown us by placing your advance order. In the future should we come to the expected performance and have a firm production schedule in hand we will announce the new radio.

Once again, thank you for your support and understanding.

Bob Crane "
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I saw that. A real shame. My *GUESS* is that with all of the fancy digital processing and the LCD screen there was probably too much noise and birdies generated that compromised AM reception. With synthesized radios noise and birdies are a fact of life -- careful design, filtering, and shielding can remove and/or shift them around to rarely used areas but that adds money to the final cost. In the the end I suspect that the costs made the radio uneconomical to produce.

Again, pure speculation.

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