What do you guys think of the xperia Z ultra for 270 euros?
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Pedro Oliveira

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Sep 22, 2012
Hi guys.... :)
Here´s the thing.... i want a new phone since my xperia arc S is getting super old and also i have a nexus 7 from 2012 wich is starting to lag a lot and also has very bad audio when conected to headphones....
At first i was going to buy a 16gb moto g for about 170 euros..... but since i know that i am going to want a new tablet besides the new phone and since money is not enough for everything...
I stumbled across the xperia z ultra wich is now being sold for around 270/280 euros.....
For teh price do you guys think its a good buy?
I had a chance of trying it today and i have to admit, great speed, amazing web browsing, beautifull design and amazing audio conected to my she3590's..... thing is.... its a bit big.... XD 
6 inches would be the ideal but i guess is something i would have to get used to...
So for the price what do you guys think? Any other better options you guys know? Am i being dumb buying a 6.4" phone?
Cheers... :)

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