what dac/amp for my use?
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Apr 26, 2013
first of all i'm french and i apologise in advance for the mistakes
i'm a owner of a philips fidelio L1 earphone ,a sansa clip+,a samsung galaxy note 2 7100,denon avr 1911 amp
i"m interrested in bying a fiio e17 but i'have read that it doesn't work in OTG(i have the usb cable) with my note2 is it true?
my choice of fiio is because you have 192khtz conversion by spdif at homeand also to use in travel mode with my fidelio L1 earphone.
my main goal is to play digital file thru my denon amp and convert digital to analogical flac files with the best result.
i don't find any clues how to link fiio e17 for example to an hc amp like mine with the sansa clip.
i'm lookin for a amp/dac in the same both uses with the same quality price than the e17 if it does'nt work with the note2
what model do you advice me?
i hope you could help me
ty in advance

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