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What capacitor is this? iFi iDAC

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mindflayz, Oct 8, 2018.
  1. mindflayz
    What capacitor is this? iFi iDAC @ the FB1 spot. Mine has broken and I need to repair it somehow, anyone know the part that has broken(no longer there)
  2. kevin gilmore
    not a capacitor, looks like a fuse tied to the usb input
    mindflayz likes this.
  3. mindflayz
    So what should I tell the guy that is trying to repair it? What kind of Fuse is needed?
  4. kevin gilmore
    well max usb current would be 500ma, probably less than that.
    mindflayz likes this.
  5. mindflayz
    OK thanks, do you know where I can buy such part?
  6. technobear
  7. mindflayz
  8. technobear
    So where did you buy it?

    Take it to where you bought it or to an authorised dealer. Simple.
  9. mindflayz
    From a store that told me it only had 2 years warranty, no help there either.
    Anyone know what to put there to make it work again?
  10. technobear
    For the cost of having the iDAC repaired by an authorised dealer, you might be better looking for a second hand nano iDSD as that will sound better anyway.
  11. mindflayz
    Okay. Is the iDSD better than the iONE?

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