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What Can I Expect From V - MODA

  1. whirlwind
    What can I expect from a V-Moda Crossfade M-80 .
    Will a ccmoy drive this very well.
    Tell me about the sound sig as well.
    Was hoping to avoid searching a huge thread, but I guess I can.
  2. Andii
    Here is my very streamlined and to the point description of these cans:

    The low frequencies are extremely strong all the way down as far as you can hear. There's no roll off at all, even the lowest notes are really loud and strong. It's also very tight and clear. The mids are smooth. I really enjoy the way complex mid centric material (for example electric guitar) is rendered on these. The way the eq curve dips down at certain points reduces fatigue, which I'm really sensitive to, and makes it a really fun listen either whisper quiet or smashing loud. I would describe the sound signature as fun, smooth and overall pleasant. It's very natural sounding and universal. For me the sound signature is the main attraction and it works for a wide variety of genres. 
    The soundstage is better than what you would expect from a closed back headphone. I think it has something to do with the vents on the side. There is a little bit of leakage to the outside world from them, especially if you're blasting, but it isn't obnoxious.
    There is a very impressive level of detail especially with a good source. Some people say that there is less detail because of the sound signature, but I disagree with that. 
    You have to watch the fit really carefully. You can't let hair get between the earcup and your ear or it breaks the seal and wrecks the sound. You have to position them properly as well.
    They have excessive clamping pressure that gets better with use, but they still go on your ears which are more sensitive to pressure than your skull. After some time I get a little sore. My friend who is 6ft. 5in tall has a massive head and he has to let the headband all the way out on his. I am 6'1 with a larger than average head and I'm on the smallest setting. Overall I wouldn't dare say these are comfortable for me so far, but I should probably be pulling on the headband more to get it broken in better as it has been constantly improving.
    The cable I've found to be really good at not being microphonic. The first half handling is pretty quiet and the second half contact with it is silent.
    They are driven well from a phone and still really slam. From my microstreamer everything improves in every possible way, but these could be used with just phone outs/laptop outs and still be enjoyable.    
    They're very durable. I don't think anything needs to be said about that.
    I am very satisfied with them. The only con for me is comfort, which I can see improving with a little more breaking in.

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