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What audiophile program for a Linux build?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by The Socialist Nerd, Jul 12, 2019.
  1. The Socialist Nerd
    I am curious what options are there for Linux users for audiophile programs?
  2. audioelements
    If you like the opensource LMS (Logitech Media Service) ecosystem, piCorePlayer and DietPi are good choices. Hardware wise, it runs on a raspberry PI ($35). combined with a good pi HAT, they sounds stunning for less than $200.
  3. The Socialist Nerd
    I need to get a Raspberry Pi soon for sure then!
  4. The Socialist Nerd
  5. gringod
    I tried ap linux for a while and didnt see any advantages for audiophile sound.
    I have been using MXlinux for the past 2 years set up for bit perfect using alsa instead of pulse audio.
    There is a bit perfect linux thread explaining how to set up the musci players like Deadbeef and gmusicbrowser.
    I have also used Mint and it is also easy to set up for audiophlie quality playback.
  6. Gazny
    I use ncmpcpp(MPD) on my Raspberry pi(running dietpi os), but on my computer I use strawberry and to control mpd on my main computer I use Cantata on linux or Gnome Music player Client on windows.
    I used this script to enable bit perfect with mpd
  7. Diable
    Audiophile Linux is a custom install script for Arch Linux that pre-configures the install for USB dacs, bit perfect and DSD playback.
  8. Christoph
    Latest iso build is from April 2017, unfortunately it looks like abandoned...
  9. Diable
    The dev's are still active in the comment section so I don't think the project is completely dead. If you use the script your install will be up to date since it's pulling files from the Arch servers.
  10. gringod
    You really don't need a linux distro that has been put together for audiophile music playback.I have been using Linux for more than 15 years and all of the top Linux distros can be quickly setup for audiophiles.
    You just need to download one of the music players such as gmusicbrowser/quod-libet/deadbeef - these can be setup to bypass pulse audio and use alsa - they also can be setup for bit perfect and gapless if you have flac files.
    If you are want to produce music there are also low latency kernels available.
    Give Linux Mint or MXlinux a try - they can be both used live (without installing),and can also be install along side Windows.
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