What are some good $100 cans that don't need an amp?
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Dec 9, 2009
I'm in search of some new headphones to step up from my portapros and px-100s but I do not have an amp to drive high impedence ones. So what are some headphones you could recommend for someone in my price range? I heard the AD700's are really good and have a great soundstage but do not need an amp to sound good.
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HD238 if you want a portable phone.
SRH440 if you want a closed phone.
Otherwise the MS-1 or AD700 would probably be your best bet unless your looking for something bassy (in which the HD230 or SRH440 would be better choices).
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I'm with JayB, but a lot depends on whether you can be in an environment where leakage from open cans will bother others. Even closed fullsize cans can emit some sound if you crank them up - everyone in my office is much happier with IEMs : even the guy who swore by his PX100s has replaced them with IEMs. So many options at that price.
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Sound leakage isn't an issue because where I'd be, nobody really cares. The only thing I'm really looking for is a can that brings a balanced sound between fun and analytical with a wide soundstage. The reason I want a big soundstage(well, as big as I can for the price) is because I never listened to a phone with a wide one before and it sounds so intriguing to try it out.

Oh and I don't care if it is portable or not, as long as it fits my needs sound wise.
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Alessandro MS1, best can for music at that price range. Very fun, dynamic sound!
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Sounds like you want the AD700. You are not going to find a wider soundstage in a headphone for the price. Just keep in mind, the bass impact is going to seem weak coming from the portapros and PX100. The HD238 is like a better PX100 if your looking for a similar sound but they are not going to give much of a soundstage. The MS-1 are also fun phones (and sound a bit better than the AD700 overall), but once again the soundstage isn't all that great.
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As long as the bass is apparent and tight then I'm fine with it. When going to lower frequencies I wanna know its there for sure but I don't want it in my face. I like the bass of the Koss portapros but I wouldn't mind if they were toned down.

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