Westone ES3x and Alien Ears C3 Owners... Help!
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Jul 13, 2009
I need some advice...
I'm still in the market for some Customs, I've read hundreds of pages of information, and I narrowed my search down to two custom IEMs.

(1) Westone ES3x and (2) Alien Ears C3

The problem is this: The ES3x sounds like they will be exactly what I'm looking for, however, the price is much higher than the C3's. I know the C3's won't be as clear as the ES3x but with a $400 difference, will I be able to sleep at the end of night knowing that if I purchased the ES3x that I made the right decision??

So can somebody, who owns or (owned) both pair, share some thoughs?

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 20, 2010
I have had the Alien Ears c3 monitors for about 6 months, although i never owned the Westones I'll give you some feedback on the C3's and Alien Ears as a Company. The C3s definitely block out the ambiant noise and the seal very well. I had an audiologist do molds that i sent to AE and in about a week I got the C3s back. They sound great, great low end and enough highs for sure. I am a drummer using these through an AVIOM system and they really work great. They will get loud enough to hurt your head and dont distort. The c3s are also comfortable, I use them for 2 hour practices and never have hurting. They sometimes get a little loose if it is hot, but can easily push them right back in. Customer service wise, AE is great, i had an issue with one of the cords and they overnighted another set of cords at no cost with just a couple of emails explaining the issue.

Value Sound Fit & Customer Service all 5 star.
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Jan 23, 2009
the c3s are good but i yearn for the ue11 sound.. but when i step back and look at the price difference, i begin to consider whether the price difference of 700 bucks is worth that extra bit.. you could definitely live with the c3s without much complaint at all, they're comfortable, isolate well, sound decent. but obviously if spending more to you isn't a problem then you should. when it comes to customs, its all about the budget.

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