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Weird Request for Recommendation - Bad Isolation/Easy Insertion IEMs

  1. errorrrr
    Hello Guys,
    Not really new to IEMs, had a few pairs of mid-high end IEMs and they are actually too good at isolating noises. I have a strange request for recommendation.
    Basically, i am looking for IEMs that have bad isolation because I'd like to know what people is saying or announcements on train/buses.
    Also, it would be nice if they are easy to insert/remove since I'd probably be doing a lot of that. I thought about normal earbuds, but my ear is weird shape, and normal earbuds are hard to put on and stay on for me...
    I am impartial to any sound signature, although I prefer clear/balanced ones which aren't too heavy on either side of the low/high scale. Thanks a lot!
  2. wskl
    Half in-ear designs like the "Dunu Titan 1 / FiiO EX1" do not have a lot of isolation, however part of the housing rests on the ear like an earbud so not completely sure if they would work for you.
    You can also check Joker's site and filter out the iems with low isolation.
  3. El Zilcho
    There are some very poor opinions of these floating around, but the Bose In Ear (Soundtrue/Soundsport, etc.) seem close to what you are looking for. I bought them for the same reason, low isolation. They offer a tiny bit of isolation, but not much. I find they are very quick easy to pop in, and very comfortable.

    They have a small nozzle that projects slightly into the ear, but they don't form a seal. For me this makes them very comfortable, but also means they don't isolate much.

    The Fiio EX1 do form a seal, so they isolate far more than the Bose. However, it is true that they don't isolate quite as much as a deeper insertion style IEM. They sound better than the Bose, in my opinion. They do have a "bright" sound compared to the Bose (and many other headphones) but are pretty balanced, and quite comfortable. Also, just as quick and easy to insert and remove as the Bose.

    If you want close to zero isolation, the Bose definitely tic that box.
  4. errorrrr
    love this website :D you guys are always so helpful! i'm going to look them up now :D thanks!

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