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Hi All,

As we say goodbye to summer and September, celebrating 19 years of Todd The Vinyl Junkie in business and Todd's birthday, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our used and sale gear. Take a look and see if there is something that can help you improve your listening and save some dough too! Sale ends at midnight Monday 10/3

We have a Luxman D-03x that is our demo unit that is in great condition and perfect working order. We really like this CD player and think you will too! with the 10% off at checkout, the price will be $2880 - list is $4195!


The excellent Silver Circle Audio Juice Box Pro power conditioner is still available. It listed for $3360 and is new in the box and on sale for $2520. This is the real deal in power conditioning and getting the most from your components!


We have some great used demo interconnect cables that we have used in our systems but are now selling from AudioQuest, Cardas and Clarus and much more!

Save and get some great gear!

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Thanks Warrenpchi for adding the link I absent mindedly forgot to put in the thread! I have added links so hopefully that help you all navigate to the proper pages at TTVJAudio.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Thanks Warrenpchi for adding the link

Welcome Todd! :relaxed:

I actually went to check out the specials, and realized that not everybody might know where that section is... which I suppose is technically better for me since that decreases the odds of somebody sniping another Antelope Zodiac from my grasp. :joy:

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