We need a general "sounds signature" sticky...
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yes, I think there is a module for Head-Fi's software that can do it.


I think it would be the most helpful addition that could be made here. Of course, the software will probably cost money, the installation would take time and money, and someone would have to police the reviews to tamp out flamewars and bag the occasional shill.

I completely agree. Considering that more than half - I'm assuming - of the traffic on here is present to simply glean something meaningful about the cans that are "right" for "them", this would be massively helpful. It would cut down on a lot of random threads without much purpose or much more to add than "what's a good pair of 'phones for [insert abstract taste in music here]?"
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Go visit Badger and Blade and click on their "Reviews" button on the toolbar.

On a related note, Uncle Erik is very well groomed

But seriously, I think the review module is an absolutely superb idea. PM Jude or Zanth with it.

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