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Ripoffs: $300 "Audiophile Grade" Power Cable is Really Worth $15


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I particularly like Quote:

@styrofoam: Did P.T. Barnum write "People don't read the articles."?

Interesting though...didn't quite realize there's that many that think an "audiophile" has to believe in or spend prodigious (oh man I love this word) amounts on cables.
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That site has always blown chunks. That article was no exception. I'd invite them to have secks with themselves sideways.

But I'm glad the original OP of the original thread outted the snake-oil company for what it was, even if it made the tabloid of the gadget world. Sad I had to read it in a posting from that site, but I stopped venturing into the cable forum long ago. It's sort of the Helldump of head-fi.
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Wow, very interesting article.

I never visited the cable/interconnect forum much since I have wayyyy too many other major areas lacking (cans, amps, source), so no need for fancy cables yet - especially power cable (or ever, dare I say it?).

Checked out the long thread back at that forum, what a hornet's nest! I didn't even dare to post anything in there, with those 1k+ heavy weight posters strafing each other, I might get banned by straying bullets.

Didn't read the whole thing, only how it started and how it ended... (ok, I guess that IS pretty much the whole thing)

Personally if I won the lottery and is on the market for those exotic electric eels, I would at least want them to made like how they sound (high quality from reports).

In the end I still don't have the money to spend on a 3rd party power cable. lol.
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Heh, this is why some head-fi members are kind enought to only charge people for cables what it actually costs.

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