Want to make my own cables

  1. omegaorgun
    Would like to know a good place to get a variety of cables and the covers that join the left and right channels (not sure what they are called).
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  2. artpiggo
    - Toxic / DHC / Norne sells cable in foot.
    - Splitter from Eidolic is nice
    - mmcx/2-pin connect from plussound
    - solder as your choice: WBT, Cardas etc.
    - plugs as your choice: switchcraft, ranko, eidolic, viablue etc.

    If you are lazy to braid it, just twist the cable tightly.
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  3. omegaorgun
    You know the piece that clamps where the wires split? is there a particular name on that like this part on the left.


  4. artpiggo
    Isnt it called y splitter? Which it is eidolic
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  5. JohnSD
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