want to change my denon d2000 to a better headphone , up to 250$
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Feb 14, 2012
so i have this headphone for a long time and it has some problems and im thinking about changing it so :
is there any better headphone than this up to 250$ ? i dont want to buy another headphone that is just like 5% better i want a real good change in comfort and quality 
and COMFORT is the most important thing to me , so i want to be more or at least as comfortable as denon d2000 .
is any of these better than mine ? and worth the price ? : 
Creative Headset Recon3D Omega Wireless
Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset
SteelSeries SIBERIA ELITE Prism Jet Black Gaming Headset
ALSO  my sound card
  • 7.1 CH HD Audio (VIA® VT2020 Audio Codec), SRN 110dB, Premium Blu-ray audio support

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I dont understand why anyone would want to part with their D2000's unless they are broken. Sadly - the truth is you'll struggle to find a more capable headphone for anything less than $500 never mind $250. The D2000's are one of the best headphones ever made.I own them and i've tried Sennheisers, Beyerdynamics, Akg's and many others and nothing compare's..
Maybe you don't realize it but no wireless headset can compare to a true audiophile headphone like the Denon ah-d2000. No gaming headset either.
Sorry can't help you.

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