Want to buy a FiiO X5, need advice on which generation to get?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by eyefloater, Dec 28, 2017.
  1. eyefloater
    I currently have an X3/1 which i love. I did buy an X3/2 but didn't like it. The first gen. is bassier and that is a deal breaker with me, the bass.
    I imagine i like the sound of the first gen. because of the Wolfsen DAC? Is it used in any other FiiO player?
    Also i didn't like the fact the 2nd gen. didn't have bass and treble controls. The equalizer is good but i find having the seperate bass/treble controls a bonus.
    I use my player with an E5.

    Which generation of the X5 is bassier?
    I've read some people complaining about the first generation's wheel, is it a major concern?
    Are there bass/treble controls with any of the X5s?[got a feeling there won't be!]
    Which generation of the X5 has the better sound quality?

  2. eyefloater
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Why not just get the 3rd Gen and if it isn't bassy enough and the EQ doesn't work for you, run it on Android Mode, go into Playstore, and run a player app that has better EQ, even if you sacrifice a little bit on UI eae of use? Like Neutron Music Player. Still browses content faster than a wheel control, and otherwise easy to get used to despite how it has a different lay out than other touchscreen control player apps.

    Why? The E5 has 100mW at 32ohms, the X5 has 250mW at 32ohms.

    If it's about the battery life you might as well strap on a thin powerbank than the E5.
  4. eyefloater
    Thanks for replying. I use the E5 because it adds a little more bass to the sound.
    Actually i just bought the Q1 a few days back but it adds nothing to the sound quality and doesn't add any bass to the X3 imo anyway. So that was a waste of $100.

    Unfortunately it's impossible to listen to a lot of sound equipment these days. So much buying is done online.
    I recall in the seventies most hifi shops would allow you to listen to various headphones. I've asked a few times over the last few years but they always say the same thing, they don't want to damage the packaging.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Between a low power amp that adds harmonic distortion and a more powerful amp circuit working with EQ, where the added power means you're farther from clipping the signal while the EQ lets you control which frequencies you want to boost, that also doesn't add an extra device to what you need to lug around, why did you pick the worse and less convenient option. More power also means you can play louder, making the bass pound harder the same way a Cadillac driving around a ghetto would likely have 2,000watt Audiobahn amplifiers for two 12in subwoofaz.

    If you have the X5III and the 10band EQ isn't doing it for you, Neutron Music Player has variable EQ curve types, Q-factor, and center frequency. Boost at one frequency, boost everything above a given frequency, cut at the upper midrange and treble so it doesn't obscure the bass, etc.

    It's not supposed to since it's meant to be more transparent. The only way it can have more bass than something else is if whatever you're comparing it to actually reduces the bass, like in some cases where this can be caused by an impedance mismatch.

    You just don't have the right kind of store in your area, one like this store in Manila's expanded metro area for example (where e-commerce hasn't really taken off thanks to crappy postal service and predatory import taxes).
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